Performance of budget AMD build

We will now test the performance for the PC we had build earlier. You can check it here. We ran Assassin’s creed syndicate in 1080p resolution. We tested in ultra and high with both anti-aliasing turned off and stock settings. Watch this video to learn more.

You might have seen an interesting fact that even if we turned ani-aliasing and other featur off we do not see much difference in game play. No major frame drops and en the average frames are same. The frame rates that you see are comparitively less than those I got when I played it without the screen capture software. If your monitor supports freesync than you can also feel a much smoother gameplay. Also keep in mind that this game is not very well optimized for pc. You can search this online in many forums.  Battlefield 4, fallout 4, farcry 4, cod ghosts… all these games played pretty smoothly with this configuration and some of them played with ultra settings. If you plan to overclock your components than the expected performance can be enganced with a slight margin.

 I would rate this config as minimum required for a gamer who loves to play games in 1080p. It can run many games in ultra settings also.


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