PC gaming VS Consoles

Once it comes to all of us, doesn’t it? I guess the above image explained it all. War is actually between different consoles and not between a PC and a console. We can compare apples to apples but not a triple cheese sub with an apple. I can explain you why in this article.

Evolution of Gaming:

Now if we go back to out childhood a PC was luxury to see. Few of us had pc back in 90’s. For gaming we use to rely on handheld brick gaming consoles.1580466_1390567169_image1-df950

Then came something which was not all black and white to watch, 32 bit consoles that featured cartridges. Contra, Mario, Islander was fun to play. Soon it was overthrown by Sega which came with 64 bit platform this time. Lara cricket and WWF looks very alive in them. After that Sony came out with its Play Station 1 and expensive CD’s. Cartridges were extinct, no one like those 99999 in 1 anymore.32-64_bit_gen61bf775c-658c-4e50-9b7e-428646d4ef0aoriginal

It was era of mortal combat and twisted metal (my fav). All this happened in ’95 when PC was very expensive and there were only 2-3 machines for whole school to play Dave and Doom on it.


Brought back your memories eh!! My point here is, those were the time when a PC was used for basic coding and computing. It was not meant to play with. Back then it was assembly of expensive components. Soon as the computer parts become affordable to purchase, things began to change. There came emulators that bridge the gap between play station (the best console that time) and PC. All the games we used to play in console were available in PC. But there was a problem. The bulky ugly looking CRT 13″ monitor was no match  to games we use to play on TV. PC manufacturers understood the demand and there came a big face-lift in PC industry. Now there were sleek monitors, first came large flat panel CRT then there were LCD and LED panels. Now we also have awesome 4k displays available. Gaming era of 21st century came with newer versions of consoles and dedicated graphics card to feed those pixel hungry PC monitors. Still graphics card were new and hot thing in the market. These were not cheap to buy. Consoles were still champ back then. Coming rapidly to current era…

Gaming in PC and consoles now:

There were a lot of new gaming titles rapidly coming up in which FPS and RPF were very extensively and commonly played among them. It bring the reality feature in the gamers. Now think of playing counter strike with a console remote and with keyboard & mouse. Which one will you choose. The answers is very obvious. Console fanboys will now argue about various other titles in RPG games in which remote controller make it much easier. True, in PC we can use them as well :P.


‘The Difference’:

Its time now to show who is the boss with the hard truth.


Trust me, it was fun to jot down all these points and I was not feeling to stop at any point but I had to. There was also a time when a console fanboy could argue on the cheaper aspect than any gaming pc setup also it is very handy to carry from one place to another. This is again a fact that making the consoles in big scale production brings down the component cost with added rebates as well. Thus it can be slightly cheaper but not on a bigger margin. In US/Canada, the periodic sales like black friday etc helps the developer there to bring back the cost further down for PC components. Here is the fun fact, pc components and chassis are now coming in small form factor (mini-ITX). Thus the portibility issue is no concern now.

Psssst… PC games are there on torrents.. lol

A pc on left compared with xbox on right

I agree that in India we do not have any black friday sales to make the best of of the pc component deals, but still if you have ₹40K budget you can easily make yourself a beautiful 1080p gaming machine which outperforms any console hands down. You can refer to one of my similar gaming pc build here.


There are whole lot of arguments that we can make to kick console shaped butts but its not worth it. PC gaming can never be compared to these minions. As I said previously, you can compare apples with apples but not a triple cheese sub with an apple. Peace out!!



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