Building a budget gaming pc under ₹ 35,000 (Mar’16)

This is most common type of PC build that we want in India. Because we know even a budget build can break banks as the PC components in India is way expensive than that of US and other western countries. Without further adieu lets get started building a budget gaming rig with AMD.

Processor: For processor we will go with AMD FX 6300. This is old one but still one of the best in budget system. With 6 cores it will not become bottle neck with other hardware and will provide decent juice to your gaming experience. This runs at 3.5 GHz and can be overclocked at 4Ghz very easily. Do mind that overclocking will cost you aftermarket CPU cooler because the heat generated will be more and the stock CPU cooler cannot cool down your CPU efficiently. Also remember that overclocking always have risks and any part failure doing overclocking your PC will not be covered in warranty. I do not want to discourage you overclocking your PC but if you do, do it with caution.

This will cost you about ₹8,000 online. If your are in Delhi or nearby you can easily purchase it quite cheaper.

Motherboard:  Here we are choosing gigabyte motherboard. Gigabyte is a reputed brand and well known for its “ultra durable” boards. new one also gives you warrantly over overclocking failure. Here we are concerned about our budget so we will strictly look for price to feature ratio.

Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 is very cheap compared to all others and will cost you about ₹4,500 online. This will provide you one PICe slot with gen2 support that runs on 16X bus, others will be at low speed i.e. 8X. We will use only one graphics card here so it does not matter. We have one usb3.o internal header that supports 2 USB 3.0 ports on the cabinet or chasis, with 2 other usb 3.0 ports on back i/o panel. With these 4 usb 3.0 ports you will also have 4 usb 3.0 ports located at the rear i/o panel. Honestly speaking you should not overclock with this board because the chipset is not that capable to handle large amount of current. It has 4 sata 2 serial ports for your hard disk and other peripherals such as cd/dvd drive. It also supports dual channel memory having 4 dimm slots running on dual channel memory architecture.

RAM:  Here we will be using 8 GB ram with dual channel kit. This board supports maximum of 1600 frequency and we will try to utilize that.

I have included Kingston Hyperx Fury. This is a beast in RAM pricing at ₹4500 online. 8Gb is all you need, trust me. I have played all my games in this memory even latest one star wars battlefront which claims to need atleast 16GB. Blue color will go with our motherboard and total system aesthetic which will be blue and black.

Hard drive: We have used here 1 TB WD blue. Because college going audience has a lot of stuff to keep and this is a minimum requirement for starters :P. This will cost you about ₹3,500. This is the only part that I will not recommend buying in second hand market.

GPU or Graphics card: Radeon R9 370 by Asus. Very simple and straight forward decision here. As this will be a budget build the max graphic setting will be at 1080p (1920X1080). This card can max out a lot of games and other can be played at lowering the anti-aliasing and shadows. This will give you average of 40 frames per seconds which will  make your gaming experience enjoyable.

This card has 2GB VRAM and is priced at ₹15,000 online. With dual blower styled fan it also runs pretty quieter and cooler.

PSU or power supply: To provide enough power for this system 450 watt is more than sufficient. We are not thinking about adding another graphics card here because of limited speed of PCIe slot. Corsair is the choice here with VS450 model that will cost you about ₹2,500 online.

This is a non modular power supply so you need to focus a lot on cable management but it is worth doing it for such a good fish.

Chassis or PC Cabinet: Now this is as per your style and convenience. I have included a full tower case to accommodate all our hardware in spacious manner and this will also help us in getting the cable management done in right way. More space inside chassis ensures that we have good air flow which is directly proportional to cool and quieter PC.

We have here is Circle CC819 pricing at ₹3,000. This case has a lot of room for neat and tidy cable management with elegant curves. Air flow in this case is very good as it has lots of vents and openings. It has a side glass window from where you can flaunt your beautiful hardware. Comes with 2 fan pre installed and if needed you can add more.

With all said and the rates above, you can easily get some rebates online with seasonal coupon codes and sales. I would recommend buying it from a well known retailer in Delhi as you can easily save  ₹5,000 what we have added up here. If you want to utilize the credit card EMI option like me then I guess we end up buying online from cheapest vendor which will still cost you more as you would have already notice by adding up above prices. I have made some comparisons myself and provided you the cheapest links that were available at the time I was writing this blog. Please do comment what you think about this article. Thanks a lot for reading.

Updated: 22/march/2016: check the performance with assassin’s creed unity for this build here.


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